White paint provides vital information for those able to read it.  Some of us only have a basic understanding of what white paint markings mean, normally this is restricted to the legal aspects of white paint as they apply to the highway code.  White paint provides a host of information designed to make us as motorcyclists safer.



Hashed Areas

Hashed areas bordered by a solid white line, highway code says you must not enter except in an emergency and an emergency services vehicle with its blues and twos on is not classed as an emergency.

Hashed areas bordered  by a broken white line you should not enter unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so.

Edge Lines

While we are out riding we will see breaks in the solid edge lines, that’s the ones on the left by the edge of the road.  There are those we might expect at junctions but they are also there to denote potential hazards that are not so obvious to see such as concealed entrances, often to fields and  farm tracks. In national speed limits learn to look ahead scanning for changes in the edge lines as they are likely to prompt you to mirror check and change position on the road.


Is written on the road for a reason sometimes to re-enforce other warning signs and sometimes vitally when placement of warning signs is not ideal.  Learn to scan ahead for them, rear obs and roll off need to be an instinctive reaction when you see them. White paint is not cheap it is put there for a reason.

Center White Lines

In a normal carriageway there are the center line, the hazard line and double white lines, confused, look it up clearly covered in the highway code Lines and lane markings on the road (127 to 132) .  

Learn to look ahead for changes in the center lines they all mean something. You must not cross a solid white line, if you are hazy on the 5 exceptions perhaps you should refresh your memory of the highway code.

Just before you go from a center to a hazard line what about a little rear observation, a mirror check would be appropriate as you are just about to enter an area with reduced visibility or the approach to a hazard.  As you hunt ahead for the change from a solid or hazard to a centre line that will be the first point on the road where you will have a view and we all like a view.

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