1. You must bring a valid licence for the machine you want to ride, (sorry no licence, no course). You are also required to provide a licence check code within 3 days prior to the start of your course.  A license check code can be generated at the following website: https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence.

  2. You must be able to read a number plate from at least 20 metres away.  If you need glasses or contact lens to read the number plate, you will need to wear them whilst riding.

  3. Please ensure the course you have booked is appropriate for your needs and abilities, we will advise as best we can on what you tell us, but you need to tell us the right information and ask the right questions.

  4. Please arrive promptly for the start of your course, normally we will be open 1/2 hour before the start of your course, feel free to arrive early and have a cup of tea. If you arrive late the course will have already started and you may not be able to join in. This is particularly applicable to CBT which have a fixed syllabus that must be followed. Don’t be late the plane won’t wait.

  5. Come sensibly dressed.  Denim Jeans (not ripped) are a minimum for legs.  You may need to bring waterproof over trousers if the weather looks changeable.  Trainers are not suitable footwear for riding motorcycles or scooters, and anyone wearing trainers will not be allowed to continue with their CBT course, forfeiting their fees.

  6. We reserve the right to take the full payment without prior authorisation for a course not taken up, or cancelled with less than 10 days notice. This is because we need to cover our costs and instructors need to be paid, obvious really.

  7. We reserve the right to stop tuition if in our opinion you are not in a fit or competent state to ride a motorcycle/moped , it is also your responsibility if you feel unsafe to continue at any time for any reason to let us know.

  8. If the off road modules of the CBT ( Elements A  – C ) are not completed by 13.00 hours we reserve the right to stop the CBT course at that time.

  9. Courses not completed will not be refunded. (Our instructors still like to be paid).  Should you wish to cancel a course, you must give us 10 days notice in order to be eligable for a refund or date change.

  10. We will do our best to enable you to complete your CBT, but sometimes it will take longer and we will charge for additional training.  Any additional training must be taken within 4 weeks of the initial CBT or the complete CBT will need to be retaken.

  11. As with all bike schools, to minimise the cost of training, we teach courses in small groups within DVSA guide lines, if you wish to have one to one tuition so that the course can be run entirely at your own pace please ask.  We will happy to arrange this, naturally the fees will change.

  12. You are very welcome to use your own bike but you will need to be responsible for legally getting it to and from our training sites. It must be road worthy and taxed, have left and right mirrors, working indicators, full size L plates front and back, and we will also need to see the insurance (and MOT if needed). You are expected to provide your own jacket, helmet etc. if you are using your own bike.

  13. You can book a Module 2 test to closely follow a Module 1 test at your own risk. The DVSA will not allow you to take the Module 2 test without passing the Module 1 test, you will lose the Module 2 test fee and possibly training fees in this situation.

  14. When attending DVSA Module 1 or Module 2 tests you must provide the examiner with all the relevant documents. Kickstart will not be responsible for any costs incurred because of missing or incorrect documents.

  15. The DVSA from time to time will cancel tests at short notice, in this event we will continue with relevant training for the rest of the course already booked. Additional training costs will need to be paid for and you may claim your expenses from the DVSA in this event.

  16. The tests we purchase on behalf of customers are sold at exactly the same amount that the DVSA charges us. We do not make a margin on test fees.

  17. You agree that we may forward your details to the MCITA, we are an accredited training school and  you will be invited to complete a customer satisfaction survey about your course as part of the MCITA quality assurance program.

  18. Kickstart will on occasions take videos and pictures of training and students, mostly for fun to put on the web site or Facebook page, or as part of your training course to help you, we will assume you are OK with that unless you tell us otherwise.

  19. Kickstart and it’s staff endeavor to treat it’s clients honestly and fairly at all times, if things go wrong we will try to put the matter right as fairly as possible. In return we ask that you treat us fairly and accept responsibility for your own training, skills and abilities.  If an agreement cannot be reached at the time you must submit a complaint in writing and we will respond to any written complaint within 10 days.

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