Guy Davies

Guy has been teaching for over 20 years. He's DAS Instructor Qualified and the biggest fan of 2 stroke motorcycles in the South-west of England.

There isn't a great deal that Guy doesn't know about motorcycles, or teaching people to ride them.

Sue Gregory

Sue undertook her Instructor Training with Kickstart, and has since qualified as a DAS Instructor with the DVSA.

She enjoys motorcycle touring, having traveled extensive by motorcycle across Europe.

Hector Vass

Hector undertook his Instructor Training with Kickstart, and has since qualified as a DAS Instructor with the DVSA.

He's one of the most knowledgeable instructors on staff, and holds both a pass at IAM Advanced Level and Tutor rating for IAM.

Mark Kirkham

Mark has been an Instructor for longer than we can remember, starting his days with a large national training agency, prior to moving over to Kickstart at its inception.

Mark i a full time firefighter, and when not driving around in a big red fire engine, enjoys his new CB1000R Honda.

Rich Howes

Rich started working for Kickstart in 2005, and is a DAS Instructor , DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Instructor. He also holds a RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction

He's often found in the workshop, fixing things, or outside trying to locate his two dogs that will have wandered off.

Matt Fox

Matt is often to be found behind the desk, answering questions, and taking bookings. If he's not there, then he's in the workshop making things run nicely, or teaching CBT courses.

Matt is our resident green-lane expert. Nothing is more enjoyable to him than getting covered in mud whilst on a motorbike in the countryside.

Stu Cooke

Stu is our main instructor at our Clevedon branch who ensures the smooth running of CBTs.

When he's not teaching, he's usually fixing large machinery that uses hydraulics, or restoring and driving classic cars.

Roz Britton

Roz is Kickstart's longest serving instructor. She's probably ridden more bikes than everyone combined, and has taught thousands of students to ride.

When she's not teaching, she'll be at her allotment growing veg. Don't be surprised if you're offered a marrow or courgette.

Nigel Crewe

Nigel is a migratory instructor, spending the colder months abroad and the warmer months back in Bristol.

Renowned for his soft and gentle approach, Nigel has been a DVSA DAS Instructor for many years. You can guarantee he'll want a 'cuppa' if you're making one, and in return will impart years of motorcycle riding wisdom for free.

Simon Beardmore

Simon is the newest addition to the Kickstart family, having completed his training with us some years ago.

Simon is a qualified DVSA CBT Instructor, and works at both our Clevedon and Bristol branches.

Steve Tottle

Steve has been a DVSA DAS Instructor for many years in Bristol and has recently joined the Kickstart team.

All instructors were asked to supply a profile photograph for this page; some didn’t.  Therefore a suitably embarrassing photograph stolen from Facebook has been used instead.  (No instructors were harmed in producing this page)