Module 2 Test Day

Module 2 training started with your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and continues during your Module 1 Training and Test days.  Therefore a Module 2 Test day is really about polishing your road craft in preparation for the Module 2 Test

You can already ride your bike, you demonstrated that in your Module 1 Test.   Module 2 is about demonstrating that you can ride legally and safely, it’s that simple.  Gone is the controlled fenced off area of the test centre, we’re now on to busy urban streets, signal controlled multi-lane roundabouts, dual carriageways and country roads with everything the weather and other road users can throw at you.  

This is a test of your RoadCraft.  As you deal with unfamiliar routes and traffic you will fall back on those procedures we will have been embedding in your riding since CBT;  OSM/PSL for example and employing careful observation, early anticipation and planning to give you the time to ride legally and safely.

After the formalities of the paperwork, radios, and eyesight check you’ll show the examiner which bike you’ll be riding for test.

The examiner will ask you a series of pre-determined questions regarding basic machine checks and carrying a pillion passenger.

You will be out on the public highway for about 30-35 minutes.  

Exercises carried out during Module 2 Test

During the road ride the examiner will ask you to pull up at the side of the road and continue when it is safe to do so, instruct you to stop before an obstacle and ask you to do an angled start and if it does not come up as part of your general road ride, to do a hill start.  

There will also be an independent ride where your examiner will ask you to follow a series of directions, or to follow signs.  This is not so much a navigation test, but rather a test of your ability to time your observations, signals, changes in speed and road position.

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