Module 1 Training Day

The module 1 training day is designed to have you consistently performing the skills required to pass the DVSA Module 1 motorcycle test in a fluid and repeatable manner.

The day is structured around the introduction and practice of the Module 1 exerise in a safe and controlled environment.  Your DVSA instructor will provide you with a demonstration and guidance for each skill and then have you practice until you have mastered them.

The exercises for the DVSA Module 1 test are:

  • Stands & Manual Handling
  • Slalom
  • Figure of eight
  • Slow ride
  • U-turn
  • Cornering
  • Controlled Stop
  • 50 kph / 32 mph emergency brake
  • 50 kph / 32 mph avoidance
By the end of the day you will have mastered these exercises ready for test.  Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to spend time practicing Module 2 test work, with road rides taking place in between exercise practice sessions.
During the day, you may also have an opportunity to visit the DVSA test centre, be introduced to the examiners and to view the DVSA Motorcycle Maneuvering Area.  If a Module 1 test is taking place during your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to watch.


By the end of this day, you’ll be test ready.  To find out what happens next, take a look at the Module 1 Test Day.

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