Module 1 Test Day

The Module 1 test day dawns.  The best thing about the Module 1 motorcycle test is that you are in a controlled, fenced off area on some of the best tarmac you will ever see, there are no third party surprises, it is all down to you and your skill.

The worst thing about the Module 1 motorcycle test is that it is all down to you! 

It is really just about focusing on the task in hand.  We help you with that. 

During the training we will have been embedding the procedural routines through repetition which are vital to performing under pressure, right foot up (safety position); rear observation before you move the bike for example.

As soon as you touch your bike, you are on test.  Click into the procedural routines right away and you won’t forget your rear observations or do anything daft.  At this point you will be well rehearsed and know exactly what is coming next, the examiners explanation of each exercise a comforting familiarity rather than a blur of instruction; your opportunity to show the examiner you are in control of your motorcycle and having fun.

We really like the idea of a two part test, a Module 1 Test followed by a Module 2 Test.  Gone are the days of an examiner following a student out onto the public highway not knowing if they can control their motorcycle.

After your Module 1 Test you will have much of the routine down.  You will be able to control your motorcycle giving yourself the best chance to safely negotiate hazards out on the public highway.

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