Module 1 Training Package

The DVSA Module 1 Test can be booked online including the prerequisite training days required to get to test standard prior to taking the test.

Prior to booking and paying, please be aware of the following;

Once booked, a Module 1 test and training course cannot be cancelled without 10 days notice.  Inside this period, all fees will be forefeit.

You are responsible for ensuring you have the correct licence and documentation prior to booking (we will ask you for these during booking).  Including; driving licence photo card, CBT certificate, theory test certificate.

Your CBT certificate must be valid for the duration of the Module 1 training and test course.

Day 1

Module 1 training starts with a Conversion Day, in which your instructor will ensure your skills are acceptable to continue to a larger machine, and to remove any bad habits you may have developed since Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Once you are comfortable on a 125cc machine with all skills ready to transfer, your DVSA instructor will introduce you to the larger capacity machine (500cc or 600cc) which you will be using for Module 1 Training and Test.

Day 2

The second day of your course will involve a full day of training on the larger machine.

You'll spend lots of time diagnosing and disecting the skills required to complete the exercises on the DVSA Module 1 Test.  There'll be road riding too, with intermissions on the public highway to take a look at how the DVSA Module 1 Test relates to everyday riding, and prepare you for the DVSA Module 2 Test.

Day 3

This is where it all comes together and the previous two days of training give you the opportunity to shine in front of your DVSA Examiner.

You'll start the day with documents check (again!), before heading to your machine for some warm up practice. If there are any skills that you wish to repeat practice, your instructor will assist you and help you prepare for your test later in the day.

Once you're ready, its time for test and you'll head for the DVSA Test Centre and pass your Module 1 Test.

Once completed, you’ll have the remainder of the day to practice the road riding skills needed to complete the DVSA Module 2 Test and gain a full licence.  Heading back to base at the end of the day will give you time and opportunity to reflect on your achievement and to book in for your Module 2 Test Day.

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