Compulsory Basic Training 1/2 Day Course

So you’ve never taken Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before?  You may never have ridden a Motorcycle, Moped or any kind of motor vehicle before?

Here are 5 Top Tips for you before your CBT course that will set you up for a road to success.

Have a Go First

Here at Kickstart Training we offer a course called Discover motorcycling, we can do it after you finish work or school and it lasts a couple of hours. We even offer a discount on a CBT Course for those who have completed it.  Just imagine starting your CBT having already successfully ridden a motorcycle beforehand.  You’ll feel more relaxed arriving to a course when you know you have the skills to get through it.

Be Realistic

People say a lot of garbage about CBT, such as:

“If you don’t get your CBT first time you shouldn’t ride a motorcycle”


“CBT is easy you just need to turn up”


“As long as you don’t crash you’ll pass”

The reality is that in order to sign off your certificate (or DL196) your instructor needs to be confident that you have demonstrated enough competence to be safe on the road without an instructor.  We have to accept we’re all different and we all learn in different ways.  Just because you didn’t get your CBT on you first attempt doesn’t mean you’re not going to get there.  We have former students that have ridden all over the world that didn’t quite get there on their first day.

So if you completely new to motorcycling why not book your CBT a half day at a time, this way if by lunch time you haven’t quite got your machine control to the standard required,  or are too fatigued to head out on the highway, you’ve not paid for a half day you’ve not used.  It also means the morning is more relaxed as there is no pressure.

Get to Know the Highway Code

In order to get a CBT certificate you need to demonstrate a competent road ride, in order for our instructors to take you out on the road you must demonstrate a working knowledge of the highway code. It’s available for free online ( , most good book shops or the app store. Even if you’ve been driving for years or studied the highway code for a previous exercise such as cycling proficiency it’s being updated all the time so what you thought you new may not be true.

Do you know what different road markings mean? What’s the difference between a warning sign and a command? Are you able to cross the white paint on a mini roundabout? When should you give way to buses? Etc…

Also check that you can read a number plate from 20 meters away, if you can’t you won’t be able to complete your course.

Get Geared

The Government guidelines for CBT state that

“You must wear:
a motorcycle helmet that meets British safety standards (unless you’re Sikh and wearing a turban)
motorcycle boots or other sturdy footwear that supports and protects your ankles
textile or leather motorcycle trousers or heavy denim trousers
a textile or leather motorcycle jacket or a heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath
motorcycle gloves

Your course can be stopped and you can be charged to take it again if you don’t wear suitable clothing.”

Here at Kickstart training we have limited  Helmets Jackets and Gloves that you can borrow, however we may not have your size especially if there are a lot of courses going out that day. If you don’t turn up in correct footwear and leg wear you won’t be able to train with us.

It is important not to underestimate the importance of comfort when learning so it our recommendation that you get get yourself the right stuff before you train, you’ll feel so much better about yourself in your own gear than borrowed pre used gear and mentally set up for success. If your going to be riding a motorcycle you’ll need it anyway.

Kickstart Training strongly advises against purchasing or using second hand helmets.

Follow the Instructions

When you book with us you’ll get booking confirmations and instructions about what you need to do before you course. Surprisingly we send these instructions as we need you to follow them many of the things you need to do are legal requirements and we won’t be able to conduct your training without them. We’re motorcycle instructors because we love training people to share our love of bikes, the last thing in the world we want to do is not train you because you’ve not done you part of the preparations. However we need you work with the terms of our insurance and with in the law.

If you having trouble completing the instructions then give us a call a couple of days before, it’s much easier for us to help you in advance than it is on the morning of your course.

We hope this info has proved useful and we hope it’ll set you up for success with you plans to ride a motorcycle.

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