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Download our guide to starting compulsory basic training, gaining your full motorcycle licence, or gaining a restricted A2 license.

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A huge thank you to Guy for a fantastic training session. Having not ridden a bike for 16 years, I booked a refresher session. Guy gave me really helpful coaching and totally built my confidence. Hector in the office was very efficient dealing with my enquiry and tailoring the booking to meet me needs. Thank you both.

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Where do i start with this amazing company to the whole team i give credit. In april i completed my cbt with never being on a bike, Matt broke the course down so i could understand what was expected of the day his encouragement and positivity pushed me to book the conversion day after only completing a couple of months on a 125 of my own. Guy showed so much passion for taking people onto larger capacity bikes,he brilliantly put any doubt of fear of these machines to rest and instead made you excited and full of fun at what these could do, again the encouragement to move up was there with every bit of advice and positive criticism to make for better riding i completed my mod 1 with two exceptionally patient instructors Sue and Steve and even though i did fail initially due to nerves they pick you up and help you to try again. I passed my mod 2 with guy who was so knowledgeable and just helped to put you at ease even when you do something odd thanks again kick start can't wait to see you guys for further training in the future

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Having only ridden bikes up to 125cc in the past. The Kickstart team delivered a very informative and confidence building structure to riding larger cc'd motorcycles. The course directive breaks down each stage of the DAS course to manageable chunks and if you have taken on board what the guys are trying to conduct... You'll smash the tests one by one. I passed first time from CBT, MOD1 and Mod2 with flying colours... Thanks guys you rock! Kind regards Geoff Hall

Looking for motorcycle training in Bristol, Bath, and Clevedon?

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT is the first step on your motorycycling adventure.  Mandatory* before you can ride independantly on the road, this course is designed for everyone from seasoned pros to absolute beginners.

Conversion Day / Module 1 Preparation

After your CBT, you might be looking to move onto bigger things.  Our bespoke conversion days will see you guided through the finishing touches.

Module 1 Training

With your CBT completed and the DVSA Theory & HAzard Perception tests bagged, you’re ready to start handling a big bike in style.  One of our DVSA Certified DAS Instructors will guide you through the skills and knowledge needed to really get the most out of a large capacity machine…then on to test!

Module 1 Test

With the preparation from your Module 1 Training, this bit is easy.  15 minutes showing the DVSA examiner how you can make a big bike do exactly what you want and you’re 75% of your way to a full license.

Module 2 Training

You’ve completed DVSA Module 1, and now the final hurdle awaits.  Our experienced instructors will guide you through the art of fine riding, balancing progress with safety.  We believe in teaching you to ride, the test will be the easiest part.

Advanced Training

‘Safe Riding for Life’.  It’s not just a motto of the DVSA.  With 2 RoSPA Qualified Diploma holders on staff.  Kickstart is able to provide exceptional advanced training workshops for you and your friend.  Don’t worry, it’s completely different from anything you’ve experience so far.

Why choose Us?

Modern techniques

All or our instructors operate under new DVSA training techniques, ensuring that the training your receive is prescriptive to your needs

Free equipment hire on CBT

A full size range of helmets, jackets and gloves for you to borrow during your CBT course.

Easy transport links

Within 5 minutes walk of the Bristol-Bath bus route, easily accessible from Keynsham Rail Station and outside of Bristol ensuring an easy drive.

Amazing Service

Someone on the phone to answer your quests, book your tests, organise your paperwork, and help you through any questions you have.

Modern Equipment

Modern motorcycles with ABS and fuel injection, maintained by a full time mechanic on site. Ensuring you never miss a days training.

Nearest the Test Centre

4.4 miles from the Bristol Multi-purpose Test Centre (MPTC), ensures you have no long rides to endure making it to test in time. Relaxed and customer focused training.

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